Thursday, January 18, 2007

A Little Bit of Sadness

Postpartum depression is something that I was fortunate enough to escape. But, I will say that for some reason today, I had this really sad feeling about the growth of my Munchkin, all over a stupid, little sock left on the staircase. As I was walking up here to the office to check my email, I looked down to see this tiny, little sock that Munchkin had left behind while climbing the stairs up to her room. It just made me want to go get her out of her crib and hold the sweet, precious, dose of goodness that is my Munchkin.

Socks for some reason have been a hot button for me. I remember in the days before her arrival, when I was washing her things and getting them put away, I would just hold those little socks thinking "This is really, real." They make me smile when I see one left in the dryer or mixed in our laundry.

My little baby is growing, the socks are getting bigger and I might just cry!

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