Friday, January 19, 2007

Gettin' a Little Crazy

Not only did I get to go out last night for a wonderful dinner with nothing but other Mommies, but tonight the Hubby and I are headed out to a surprise party for a very dear friend... Two nights in 1 week, not to mention two nights in a row.... look out people, we might be finding our old life, you know the one, drunken, late nights/early mornings, with bad hangovers, willing to give your right nut (if you had one) for a Krystal burger, Ahhhhh, that life.... What's next, letting Munchkin actually spend the night away from home????........ Um.... NO! I'm not that crazy, just a little giddy and feeling a little lighter without having the 22 pound leach stuck to my leg, even if it is only for a few hours.

Isn't it amazing how just a few hours can cure what ails ya?

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Anonymous said...

'Stacy was here.'

Love your blog. =)