Monday, January 29, 2007

Example #1

Today was the first day of the new cleaning schedule that I have imposed upon myself. I figure that a little bit each day, is better than waiting until Friday, and getting into a panic about not being able to enjoy the weekend because the house is dirty.. I kid you not, there is something wrong with me.

Mondays will now be known as "Bathroom Day" - this was going fine, I was completely finished with our bathroom, ready to move on to the 1/2 bath, when I noticed a cobweb up in the corner above the tub.... I go and get my handy, dandy swiffer, and start dusting the corners, making sure there aren't any other cobwebs. The next thing I know, and 45 minutes later, I'm sidetracked by making sure there are no cobwebs to be found in the downstairs area, not only is that not good enough, but I decided to run the swiffer down the walls, have you ever done that? Seriously, walls collect alot of dust.

Shouldn't this be something I get involved in on Tuesdays (aka Dusting Day?)I did so well avoiding the temptation to take every single thing out of the cabinets, and wipe them down and rearrange....

More examples of my neurotic behavior to follow.......

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