Sunday, January 07, 2007

Birthday Wishes, Empty Puff Taco

Another birthday, another year older. This really does not concern me like it does some people. I don't feel like I'm 32. I guess I just haven't hit that magic number where I cry uncontrollably about not being young anymore. Hubby's magic age was 27, not that he cried, but he was slightly depressed about being in his late 20's. I really don't care, in fact, I can't even remember how old I am most of the time. People will ask and I seriously have to think, I'm within a year, but will completely draw a blank.

So for my birthday, Hubby and Munchkin bought me this great Pottery Barn bookcase that I have been wanting since we moved into this house. One bad thing about getting older, you start getting excited about home furnishings as gifts. Look out dining room table, I've got an anniversary coming up!

Hubby and I had date night while Munchkin stayed with my sister. Movie and dinner. It was perfect. Except for my empty puff taco!!! My favorite food is Mexican, I could eat it everyday... We went to dinner at a place Hubby had not been to yet. Margaritas - Tasty, Puff Tacos - Empty? I stuck my fork into my taco, expecting the tasty goodness inside and nothing! I thought, someone forgot to stuff this taco, Hubby asked, "Are you sure there is supposed to be something inside?" Of course, silly! It's a taco, inside of a "puff", I've had them before and the menu clearly did not say, served with a "decorative" puff taco. After flagging down the waiter, he explained that only their lunch time puff tacos are stuffed.... I don't care what he says, I think someone forgot my stuffing!

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random_mommy said...

waiters make stuff up in tight situations... in college i waited tables and forgot to put an order in, my excuse was "the cook's wife went into labor and we're a little behind." i have repented my evil ways.