Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Bear, Reincarnated?

Holy Crap! This has got to be the biggest spectacle I have ever seen in my life!!! As I'm sure you all must know by now that the University of Alabama has hired Nick Saban as their new head coach - you would have to be living under a rock to not know this earth shattering news. Yes, we are Auburn fans and No, we are not scared or shaking in our boots over UA's newest coaching victim. We are however, laughing at the behavior of the fans and media that seem to think this news is as big as if "The Bear" himself had come back to life, or Elvis had been found hiding in a gas station in Texas after all of these years. I have to say this, not because I'm an Auburn fan, but because I know a bunch of BS when I see it.... If you are an Alabama fan you should be embarrassed over the display shown on the news here and all over the country yesterday and so far today, I'm from this state and I'm embarrassed and completely puzzled on how this story seemed to trump everything else that has been happening in our state and the world over the past 24 hours.

Did you know that Democrats officially took control over Congress for the first time in 12 years, that there is wide spread fallout in the Middle East over the execution of Saddam Hussein, a high school student was shot and killed in a Washington school? Anyway, the list could go on. My point is, that it's just silly to think that people really care about the Crimson color of the Tahoe that was awaiting Saban when he stepped off of the private jet... Just remember this day, because once he has a few losses under his belt, and he will, this day will be forgotten, he will be hated and pushed out as fast or faster than any of the other coaches they have had in the past seven years. That's if he doesn't jump ship first.

I leave you today with a piece from an email I received from BFF's hubby, Agent B. Also die hard AU fans and realists, living out of state, witnessing this from afar, I couldn't say this better if I tried:

" I'm glad I don't live in the state of Alabama right now after The Saban arrived today. I watched a clip of his arrival at the Tuscaloosa airport and it was absolutely vomitous. Women were crying, some woman was screaming "Thank you Jesus, Roll Tide, thank you Jesus", and Mal Moore was walking proud with his chest bowed up. Too bad they didn't realize that they all looked like a bunch of absolute fools. It was embarrassing for the state of Alabama.

Here is my perspective on the situation: College football is cyclical and I knew that Alabama wouldn't be down forever, but it was such a fun ride laughing at their misfortunes over the last few years that I wasn't quite ready for them to have some good news. Oh well, Saban is a good coach and will have Bama competing for the SEC in 2 years, but he'll be no better than Tuberville or Urban Meyer or Mark Richt or Phil Fulmer or Spurrier. The Iron Bowl will become more competitive again and I guess we'll have to lose a couple of them to him in the coming years, but it's not like we're going to all of a sudden suck. I don't think he'll be as successful as he was at LSU because of several obvious reasons (the biggest of which is that LSU had no in-state competition) and I believe that he'll leave Alabama in 4 or 5 years. I also think LSU will work a little extra to beat Bama's ass in the future. I think Tuberville realizes that beating his in-state rival won't be as simple as it has been and I'm sure he'll work a little harder too.

I'm a little shocked at the money. I'm a little scared what this will do to the rest of the college football world. I'm sure the rest of the SEC coaches are licking their chops to see how they can get their salaries nearer to 4 million. It's sickening. What must the professors at Bama think of this? It is truly sickening and pathetic how desparate this looks."..... "The poor fools inside the state of Alabama don't realize it, but Saban is getting ripped in the national media and the state of Alabama truly looks ridiculous right now."

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