Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sha, Sha, Sha, Shula!

What kind of obnoxious Auburn fan would I be if I let this pass, without so much as a post on my blog?

Let's see, where do I start? How about how funny I think it is that the "prestigious", "most coveted", so on, and, so on, coaching position in the country is vacant right now, and no one seems to want it!!! Come on now, did you really think that STEVE SPURRIER was coming to Tuscaloosa? Funny how every single Alabama fan I know, has had nothing but vile things to say about Spurrier, what an A$$ he is, and how much they hate him. Then, all of the sudden, there are reports that his wife is in T-town looking for property to purchase, and he's the new head coach for UA. Funny how the fans were excited about that possibility - Spurrier, ready to slip on those shoes and carry on the "Tradition" that was set by the good, Ole Bear Bryant. Shoes that seem impossible to fill, just ask the past coaches.... Dubose, Coach Fran, Price and now Shula.
Four coaches, seven years? Can't you leave well enough alone? Give someone a chance, don't just dispose of them because they can't turn your program around in the blink of an eye..... Where was Arkansas last year? I think they finished something like 4-7, Did Nutt lose his job? No, and this year they played for the SEC Title and got legitimate nods for the National Title. Instead of paying Shula the $61,000 per month for the next 5 years to do nothing, you could be spending that money to pay your players... just kidding. Bama would never do that!

I guess I shouldn't really care so much. The longer they go without a coach, the funnier I think it is. Sick, I know. But I will say this in closing,

So long Shula, I will truly miss my "eye-candy" on the sidelines. You actually made it tolerable to sit and watch a Bama game. Best wishes to you and your newest adventure, I heard that "Shula's" makes a great steak!

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