Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Penis, On My Forehead?

This is the question I'm asking myself lately. It seems as if one has magically appeared on my head, and I didn't know it was there. Am I the only one who can't see it? Let me explain...

I was in a local bookstore yesterday looking for a Christmas gift for Hubby. I have the title and author of the book I'm wanting to purchase. The only help desk I see happens to also be the check out. Surly they don't expect me to stand in the check out line to ask a question. So, I see a lady that is opening boxes and stocking shelves. I stop to ask if she could point me in the right direction, and there it is. "The Look". She honestly looked at me like I had a penis on my forehead. You know this look, the one that is meant to say, "How would I know?", "You're bothering me, go away!" or
"What the Heck?" (You could also insert the "F-word" here, because I have family that reads, I'll keep it clean). "The Look" is then followed by a snide comment, "Ma'am, I wouldn't know, you will have to ask Customer Service". To which I replied, "I'm sorry, the nametag threw me, I thought you worked here...."

I do stand in line and get the info from another lady that wasn't really friendly either. They didn't have the book in stock which is fine, I hate giving my money to rude people!

This look also occurred the other night when Hubby and I ate dinner with some friends at a local Thai restaurant. Evidently it's not a "kid friendly" place at 8:00pm on a Saturday night. Even Hubby noticed "The look" when we walked into the place. Here we are, 4 adults, 2 highchairs, and the penis on my head... Get over yourselves people. Your part of town is not as cool as you think. I am very aware of how my child is behaving, and I'm probably more sensitive about her being disruptive than you are. So eat your sashimi, keep your "looks" to yourself and let me enjoy a night out with my friends.

So I beg of you, the next time you see me, if there is a protrusion coming from my forehead, please tell me. A girl really needs to know these things!

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