Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hunger Strike Ends, Toddler Healthy

A Birmingham Toddler is healthy and strong today, despite her 9 day hunger strike. Sources say that the strike started when the Toddler was diagnosed last week with croup. Details aren't clear on why she chose to continue refusing all foods that did not resemble little, orange fish, but it is thought that she was upset over a misunderstanding involving the new TMX Elmo.

The Mother of the toddler was quoted as saying "She was always such a good eater, it was a shock when she turned down her pancake and banana several mornings in a row. I just kept telling myself, if she gets hungry enough, she will eat". Sources say that the Mother was diligent in her efforts to make sure the toddler had plenty of options available.

The hunger strike came to an end last night when the Toddler decided to accept the beans and rice offered to her at a local Mexican restaurant. The Toddler has refused to comment on her reasons for ending the strike, for fear it may compromise any future negotiations.

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