Monday, December 04, 2006

Grocery Store Bagger, Dirty Drunk

It's only really happened twice since Munchkin has been around. And I must start this by saying, that I have been a pretty chilled out "Rookie-Mom". I've never really freaked out on anyone for wanting to get close to, or even touch her, but these guys completely crossed the line.

The first happened a month or so ago while getting groceries. At this store, they hire special needs people to help bag and walk you to your car. I've never really cared for the help to my car, I feel bad that they aren't allowed to accept tips, plus I'm a little quirky about putting my bags in the back. Anyway, one day after telling them I didn't need any help, this bagger proceeds to take my buggy while I was getting my receipt, Munchkin and all. I hurry to grab the cart and "help" him guide it through the parking lot and to my car. While I'm unlocking and opening the tailgate, he has taken Munchkin out of the buggy and that's when I freaked! I, believe it or not, calmly said Um, NO! And took her.... I thought about calling the store and complaining to the Manager, but I was really afraid that he would get fired. I let it go, and am very careful now to see who's bagging in which line, and I NEVER let go of the buggy.

The second incident happened just last night, Hubby and I took Munchkin up to a local Mexican restaurant. As we are eating, we notice this very drunk, and I mean stumbling drunk, guy walking around the restaurant. As Munchkin usually does to everyone in public, she looks up at him, smiles and says Hi! He then decided it would be alright to pat her on the head, only this time, Hubby was all over it. He grabbed the guys arm, as I was reaching for Munchkin. I'm sure this guy meant no harm, but this is how bad things happen...... Hubby spoke with the Manager on the way out, and confirmed that this guy did have a ride home. It's pretty insane to think about these people behind the wheel of a car.

It's obvious in these situations, but where do you draw the line? The little old lady in the mall, the server at your favorite restaurant. If it's hard for me to decide who's "OK" and who's not, how will ever teach her?

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