Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Does Yours Have A Name?

The time has come to give our "private parts" their own little nickname. I'm having a really hard time with all of the choices that there are these days. Seems like we always called ours, Tee-Tee or Pee-Pee... But, I feel this may cause some confusion since this is also something that you do. Munchkin seems to be a little distracted during bathtime now, trying to figure what all she has going on south of her "Bee-Bo" (belly button, in case you didn't know). I've been thinking about all of the names I hear...

Coopie, this one pairs with "Hangdown Coopie" for those of you looking for something different to call your sons willie...

And then I think, do we really have to make up some cutsy, little, code name because we are too embarrassed to call it what it is? VAGINA, there I said it! But, on the flip side of that, do I really want my Munchkin being the one in class saying, "boy's have a penis, and girls have a vagina! There, I said it again.

Oh, the decisions that come with motherhood! I guess as long as she keeps her "Hoo-Ha" covered, all is well.

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