Saturday, November 11, 2006

Picture Perfect

We were a little late as usual with Munchkin's pictures, but we finally got her one year session done yesterday. I think they are going to turn out really good. We had them taken at a nearby park and the weather couldn't have been better. In fact, it was so warm I had to switch Munchkin's wardrobe from what I planned for her to wear. I know Hubby is glad this "photos every three months" faze is over. But even he will admit, after the arms and legs we had to forfeit for this photographer, it was worth every penny.

We actually managed to stay scratch, bump, mark and bruise-free for the pictures, for the most part anyway. She had such a runny nose leading up to the pictures that her little nose was kind of red. Have you ever noticed how kids have an uncanny ability to practically bust their heads open and poke out their eye-balls right before it's time for pictures? I think Munchkin has had some kind of something every single time. Blood shot eye, scratches, bruises, full body rash (that one we had to re-schedule). Oh well, I guess that just goes with the memories of the pictures.

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