Thursday, November 30, 2006

Little, Pink, and Sassy

I finally did it! I broke down and bought myself a new cell phone. It helped that my service provider was running a special and I was due on the upgrade. So, here I have my cute, little Razr - It flips, it takes pictures, it has fun ringtones, whatever will I do with myself? And yes, I realize that EVERYONE has this phone, and if I wanted to be really cute and sassy, I would have bought the newest Pebl... It's really cute too, and it comes in orange. You don't see those around much yet, and I'm sure if I would have waited a little longer, I could have gotten a better deal than the $180.00 they are going for right now. But who cares, I got my Razr, it was $29.99 and I'm happy.

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