Friday, November 17, 2006

Babe Bingo and My Friend Jack

Daniels that is. With another Mom's night out safely behind me, I am reminded that, although I can still drink like I used to, the recovery process just isn't the same! I woke up early, so proud that I didn't have a hangover from the previous nights activites, only to realize that I wasn't hung over because I was still drunk!!! That hasn't happened in quite awhile, and really shouldn't be happening now. I am way too old for this. Just because I can break away for fun with the girls every now and then, I still have to think/drink responsibly, because it's always right back into the "Mommy Role" as soon as Munchkin wakes up, luckily she's a late sleeper.

I had never played "Babe Bingo" before, it's a game that one of the local radio stations puts on at a local bar. I don't think I had ever even played the regular version. This is definatly NOT your Grandmothers bingo. Example:

B - Manicure
I - Douche
N - Tampon
G - G- String
O - KY Jelly

I don't know about you, but my Grandma would most likely be mortified if she heard that (assuming she knew what all of it meant) I could just hear my very southern sounding Grandmother saying... Well, I never!

Well, a few games of bingo, a few rounds of Jack and a crappy T-shirt later, I was home safe, sound and reaking of smoke. Ahhh. another successful Mom's Night Out!

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