Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tylenol, Advil, Nyquil, Oh My!

You would think that alternating between all of those medicines that one would make me feel better, or atleast just knock me out. I woke up yesterday with the worst headache I think I have ever had in my life (hangovers not included). Nothing, I mean nothing helped. I've never been one to get migraines, so I really had nothing to compare this too, but God love you, if you are one that suffers from this horrible condition, I feel for you.

Hubby went to work and I was left to figure out how to deal with a 1 year old when I could hardly lift my head off of the pillow.... that sounds kind of snotty, I told hubby to go, that I would be ok. I managed to get her up, changed and downstairs for breakfast. I knew that if I could just make it to nap time, I would be good. Now, it's funny how your sense of parenting changes when you are at your weakest. We have always tried to keep Munchkin from watching lots of TV, but yesterday, I couldn't have been happier to see that stupid, over-sized, purple, dinosaur dancing around on my television. He bought me a whole 30 minutes of peace, not quiet, but just not having to act like I was excited to hear the "cow say moo" for the 1000th time!

I must take this time to thank everyone that bought my child a toy that makes lots of noise!! The drum set with the tambourine and maraca, the talking chair, Noahs very loud ark! Any other day, these are great toys and very much appreciated, just not yesterday. Anyway, we made it to nap time. Hubby came home for lunch and decided to call in some back up - I'm not sure if it was becuase I hadn't showered in two days or the yougurt I had all over my shirt from Munchkin licking my shoulder after breakfast, or maybe even the milk she spilled in my hair as I lay on the floor (dying). My Mom was here in less than an hour. You have no idea how many times she has helped us out lately.. Thanks Mom! Today is much better, the pounding in my head is gone and the upside to this whole being sick thing... I've lost 3 pounds! Do I smell a new diet craze!

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