Monday, October 30, 2006

So Much To Do, So Little Time

Things have been really busy around here lately - I apologize to my faithful readers for letting you down. While so much has been happening it seems like nothing has been "blog worthy".

We did attend church on Sunday and can pretty much rule out visiting at that church again. Not that it was bad persay, it just wasn't good. Hubby and I both had a really hard time concentrating on the sermon which was about giving back to God, we both kind of felt like it was a sermon asking everyone to give money to the church, which we would if it were our home or we felt moved to do so, it just didn't seem real and heartfelt. If you need money to paint stripes in the parking lot, just say so. Don't try to sugar coat it. So, after church we head off to lunch and then home.... Home, the place in which one of the "Church People" had already come by, can you believe it? 1 hour after the service and someone was already knocking on our door? I know this is bad but, I'm glad we weren't home, we are trying our best to find a church that fits us and that we fit into and we need to do that without the pressure of the "Church People" knocking down our door.

I'm also beginning to wonder, do they get some kind of bonus points for getting us to attend Sunday School? That's all everyone asked us, thanks for coming, did you go to class or "just" the service? As if the service wasn't good enough or enough for our sinful souls as is.....

So, I guess next Sunday we will start over and see if a different church/denomination will suit us a little better.

On the Munchkin front, she is cutting 4 new teeth and no longer crawling. I would say that she is walking, but it's more like a bunch of steps, fall, stand up, a bunch of steps, fall, stand up, and so on.... exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. You should see me padding all of the hard surfaces so that when she falls face first into something hard we don't knock out all of those pretty new teeth....

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