Sunday, October 15, 2006

May I Have A "Pee" Please?

What is it about taking off a diaper that makes a child want to pee? I'm getting Munchkin ready for her bath tonight and because she is so anxious to get in the tub, she follows me into the bathroom while I'm checking the water and practically throws herself over the edge. So, instead of taking her back to her room to strip her down and get her ready, I undress her in the bathroom and let her play until I get things situated. I go to pick her up and feel something wet seeping through my sock, as if a wet sock isn't bad enough, Munchkin had pee'd the floor and it was oozing through the grout on the tile like a little maze.... Thanks! Now, I have water running, a wet sock, pee on the floor and a naked baby. (Sounds like the beginning of a joke, don't ya think?)

What to do first? Yell for help. Hubby is downstairs and can't hear me b/c during bathtime we like to listen to music, which happens to be rather loud since it's coming from another room and the water is running. So as Munchkin goes to sit and "play" in her own pee, I scoop her up, plop her in the tub, grab some toilet paper a dab away. Hubby does eventually make it upstairs to check on us and finishes the cleaning with some good ol' clorox clean up while I finish bathtime. Ahh, teamwork!

Thank goodness we didn't have any "floaters" tonight too! More excitement than I need on a Sunday evening!

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