Thursday, October 19, 2006

Autism by Injection?

One of my jobs as a "Rookie Mom" is to worry, excessively, about everything. My newest in the long, long list is that I just allowed the Dr. to inject my child with a vaccination that some people think may be a link to the cause of Autism. I have done hours of research, and while the world wide web is full of information, you can find anything you want to support either side of the argument. I talked at great length with the Dr. and a nurse about 3 months ago, after watching an episode of Oprah in which the parents of an Autistic child swore it was caused by the vaccine. The Dr. assured me that the information received in all of his studies convinced him that there was no link between the two and that in countries where the MMR vaccine is not given, the Autism rate is not any higher than in the US. Many people believe in this so called link, because the age in which you begin to notice the signs of Autism happens to coincide with the age in which the vaccine is normally given. (or vice versa?)

I was given the option to defer the shot until 15 months, worry then, worry now. Can you really NOT give her the vaccination that she needs because of your own paranoia? But, shouldn't we do everything in our power to protect our children? This has been a toughie for us, probably the toughest so far. I just can't help but wonder, did we make the right decision or the decision that was easy because that's what "everyone" else does.... All we can do now is pray that our beautiful, HEALTHY, baby remains just that.

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