Saturday, September 23, 2006

Our Little Snot Monster

Poor little Munchkin is a little under the weather these days. Something that she no doubt picked up from the germ infested playroom at the Y. (yes, I have actually been working out!) For the past three days she has been quite the snot monster, thick green mucus is everywhere. How do you make a child this age "blow" her nose? It's kind of a waiting game, eventually so much snot builds up that she starts blowing bubbles and then it's a little easier to get. I've spent alot of time recently trying to figure out how to get this snot out of her nose, a booger sucker? tickle her nose with a feather until she sneezes? There must be a way....wiping her nose has become another chore that I don't like and wish I didn't have to do. Holding her down and trying to wipe is not fun for either of us. Only, if I don't she's going to look like one of those redneck baby's you see in Walmart with the crusty nose and grocery store feet.

I just keep wondering how much snot could possibly be left in that little head? I think she is in for a rude awakening, after this afternoon nap, I'm seeking out the booger sucker in hopes that it will be my saving grace.

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Anonymous said...

Angie, can I just tell you that I LOVE reading your blog?? I swear I am reading about myself sometimes. I wish so badly we lived closer to you guys. I would love to spend more time with you. It's so good to have quality family!

And by the way, I think Natalie, Jason, Jack and Georgia are coming up here to Charlotte for the AU/SC game too! Jason and Jack are going to drive down on Thursday for the game since we're only about an hour and a half away from Columbia. How fun! I wish we could see you. Maybe one of these days!

Anyway, we've had colds at our house BAD this week and Bennett got his first-ever stomach virus. OMG, NOT GOOD. Luckily it was short-lived. I swear I have no idea how we're getting by with two - I thought one was hard! Oh well.

Keep up the blog my friend! I love it... Amy