Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bye-Bye Bottle

I'm not sure if it's the not being able to breathe through her nose right now or that at the ripe old age of "almost one" she has become" Little Miss Independant". As of this week, Munchkin has been refusing her bottle and going only for the sippy. Which is something that Dr. told me to start doing at her last check-up. We have been taking them away one at a time and down to only her night time bottle. Honestly I think it meant more to me than it did her. It's sad really, a sappy first time Mom trying to keep her baby a baby for just a little while longer. That night time bottle was one of my favorite times of day. She would just cuddle up in my arms, hold my hand, pat my cheek and start drifting off into neverland, It was also one of the only times in the day that she actually wanted to be held and not on the loose, crawling around allover, socking you in the face anytime that freedom was threatened.

Maybe some type of support group is in order here, I know I'm not the only one, I have friends that also delayed taking this bottle away.

So, as I am forced to come up with a new bedtime routine, I am thankful that she still wants to sit in my lap, look at the pictures as I read and listen to me sing to her, only, with both hands firmly on the sippy as if to say "Mom, I'm not a baby anymore"

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