Monday, August 21, 2006

Munchkin 5, Sippy Cups 1

FIVE being the number of sippy cups we have "tested" in order to find the perfect ONE. It's not like the Munchkin isn't smart, because she is what I would consider to be borderline brilliant. (of course I am a first time Mom) But, I was beginning to think that she was "Sippy Cup Challenged". It turns out that she just couldn't quite grasp the concept of tipping the cup backwards instead of her entire head. I can't tell you how many times she nearly knocked herself out, flipping backwards onto the hardwood. So, after a long and extensive search for "The One", we have decided on the kind with the straw. Did you ever know there were so many to choose from? Some with handles, some without, ones with cartoons, grippys to hold onto, no drip, straws, ones with lots of pieces to clean (which of course is the one that we have!), the possibilities are endless. After drinking from this cup for about 3 days, I have finally made the investment of 10 more..... Tomorrows Blog will read:

"Munchkin Refuses New Sippy Cup" I told you she was smart!

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