Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Is Three The New Two?

As Munchkins one year mark is quickly approaching, deliberations have begun. Would we like to add another Munchkin into the mix? Our minds change daily, sometimes even hourly. On one hand we have this beautiful, smart, healthy baby girl who is the absolute light of our lives right now. We are enjoying every second that we have to spend with her. Do we really want to mess that up? On the other hand, wouldn't it be nice for her to have a sibling to play with and grow up with, maybe even a sister to share everything with? Having a sister myself, I know that I want Munchkin to experience that bond. The bond that I appreciate now more than I did growing up - trying to kill her and tell her that I wasn't really her sister, and that I would soon be leaving to go back to my real family...... Isn't that mean? Don't judge me, if you are reading this and you are the oldest, you've done the same thing, or worse!! Anyway, there are so many questions we have to answer on this subject, how far apart in age do we want them to be?, what is the closest?, when do we start trying?, do we stop at two? Many family's now have three children like it's no big deal. After dinner with friends last night that have three under the age of three, believe me, it's a big deal. It was great to talk to someone that would actually tell us the hard truth and all of the gorey details about life with a trio. Although they are glad for their three and love them dearly, they did suggest maybe spreading them out in age a little more. Having time to spend with each of the children one-on-one is something they aren't able to indulge in as much as they would like. "Clams" if you are reading this - you're incredible and I admire you.

So, what have I solved here this morning typing this blog, listening to Munchkin giggle herself to sleep in the next room? Having two would mean twice as many of those giggles, twice as many precious moments to treasure and there is no way to make a decision on three until you have two! Stay Tuned.

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