Friday, August 18, 2006

Cell Phone Envy

They're cute, little, flippy, colorful, and make fun noises..... I'm talking about the cell phones that all of my Mommy friends have and I long for. After a much needed night out with the girls (Manis and Pedis, followed by dinner at a Japenese Steakhouse) I'm thinking that it is about time for me to upgrade.

As we are sitting at the restaurant watching the cook flirt shamelessly with one of the Mommies, and chit chatting about things that we Mommies talk about when no one else is around - Husbands, Sex, Desperate Housewives (not us, the show!) periods, pregnancy, saggy boobs and so on..... I hear a ringtone - "Promiscuous Girl", by Nelly Furtado and then I hear another, "It's Goin' Down", by Yung Joc. I realize that I really miss the days when I had a cool cell phone, or 2 or 3. I had it programmed with all of my favorite songs and fun clips from movies and TV shows. I even had a specific ring tone for each person, something that reminded me of them. But, after the "way too many times to count" that I have dropped my cell phone(s) in water, on the pavement, in water, in the trash, let a 10 month old use it as a teether and oh, did I mention, drop it in the water? I am no longer allowed to have a cell phone that costs more that $10.00... so says Hubby. As the other Mommies proceed to compare ringtones, and fun phones I sit quietly praying that there isn't some type of explosive poop emergency on the home front that will prompt Hubby to call my cheap, large, old and outdated cell phone and out me as the Mommy with the cell phone that rings some type of Jimmy Buffet knock-off type beach melody.

Cell Phone Envy, I now know how guys feel in the locker room!

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Anonymous said...

HAHA! You are too funny! Don't worry, cell phones are overrated, aren't they? Something like that to make you feel not so out of touch. Love your funny blog! I'm jealous, I need a funny blog. The myspace thing isn't doing it for me! ARGH! But then I never take the time to do things like blog. I have to work on that ... and I don't have a 10 month old to blame it on. Sad, really! But I have time to go to impromptu Tom Petty concerts in town. Ahhhh! Now off to find those Stones tickets ...