Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Peer Pressure, At My Age?

How is it possible that I have been out of school for 13 years, married for 12, and a Mom for almost 1 and I still feel the need to cave into peer pressure? Who sets these standards anyway? Do I set standards for others without even knowing it? You see, we just moved into a new neighborhood where people tend to be more active than I'm used to. Sure, I love taking Munchkin for a stroll around the neighborhood, (when it's not 100 degrees outside) When we first moved, we would wait for Hubby to get home and go on a walk, and that's when I noticed that there was something different going on around here..... As I watched other family's stroll past, and looked in the yards as we walked by, I noticed that all of the strollers were the same, the cute little 3-wheel jogging strollers, the ones for the serious walker/jogger. And there we were, with our big, old, chunky, stroller with 4 wheels. I'm clearly out of the loop here. So, as we park our stroller in the garage and head inside, I realize that I can never go walking around this neighborhood again until I can look like the "Other Mommies" How stupid is this? At my age, I should really be past this, right? For weeks now, Munchkin and I have watched from the kitchen window at breakfast time, as the neighbors stroll by, Mommies with babies, whole families, and even the occasional Dad with baby. So, I did it, I finally went out and purchased a "suitable" stroller! And I couldn't just by the most boring one they had... No, I got the one with the Ipod connector so that Munchkin and I can listen to our favorite music (currently a compilation of songs about "bananas", "chickens", and "raindrops"), and for her, the hook-on steering wheel with working horn and engine sounds...... Not only are we going to fit in, but maybe WE will set the new standard around this neighborhood for 3-wheel strollers. Now, technically it's not a "jogging" stroller, but who am I kidding. I don't run unless someone is chasing me!!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Is Three The New Two?

As Munchkins one year mark is quickly approaching, deliberations have begun. Would we like to add another Munchkin into the mix? Our minds change daily, sometimes even hourly. On one hand we have this beautiful, smart, healthy baby girl who is the absolute light of our lives right now. We are enjoying every second that we have to spend with her. Do we really want to mess that up? On the other hand, wouldn't it be nice for her to have a sibling to play with and grow up with, maybe even a sister to share everything with? Having a sister myself, I know that I want Munchkin to experience that bond. The bond that I appreciate now more than I did growing up - trying to kill her and tell her that I wasn't really her sister, and that I would soon be leaving to go back to my real family...... Isn't that mean? Don't judge me, if you are reading this and you are the oldest, you've done the same thing, or worse!! Anyway, there are so many questions we have to answer on this subject, how far apart in age do we want them to be?, what is the closest?, when do we start trying?, do we stop at two? Many family's now have three children like it's no big deal. After dinner with friends last night that have three under the age of three, believe me, it's a big deal. It was great to talk to someone that would actually tell us the hard truth and all of the gorey details about life with a trio. Although they are glad for their three and love them dearly, they did suggest maybe spreading them out in age a little more. Having time to spend with each of the children one-on-one is something they aren't able to indulge in as much as they would like. "Clams" if you are reading this - you're incredible and I admire you.

So, what have I solved here this morning typing this blog, listening to Munchkin giggle herself to sleep in the next room? Having two would mean twice as many of those giggles, twice as many precious moments to treasure and there is no way to make a decision on three until you have two! Stay Tuned.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Munchkin 5, Sippy Cups 1

FIVE being the number of sippy cups we have "tested" in order to find the perfect ONE. It's not like the Munchkin isn't smart, because she is what I would consider to be borderline brilliant. (of course I am a first time Mom) But, I was beginning to think that she was "Sippy Cup Challenged". It turns out that she just couldn't quite grasp the concept of tipping the cup backwards instead of her entire head. I can't tell you how many times she nearly knocked herself out, flipping backwards onto the hardwood. So, after a long and extensive search for "The One", we have decided on the kind with the straw. Did you ever know there were so many to choose from? Some with handles, some without, ones with cartoons, grippys to hold onto, no drip, straws, ones with lots of pieces to clean (which of course is the one that we have!), the possibilities are endless. After drinking from this cup for about 3 days, I have finally made the investment of 10 more..... Tomorrows Blog will read:

"Munchkin Refuses New Sippy Cup" I told you she was smart!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Cell Phone Envy

They're cute, little, flippy, colorful, and make fun noises..... I'm talking about the cell phones that all of my Mommy friends have and I long for. After a much needed night out with the girls (Manis and Pedis, followed by dinner at a Japenese Steakhouse) I'm thinking that it is about time for me to upgrade.

As we are sitting at the restaurant watching the cook flirt shamelessly with one of the Mommies, and chit chatting about things that we Mommies talk about when no one else is around - Husbands, Sex, Desperate Housewives (not us, the show!) periods, pregnancy, saggy boobs and so on..... I hear a ringtone - "Promiscuous Girl", by Nelly Furtado and then I hear another, "It's Goin' Down", by Yung Joc. I realize that I really miss the days when I had a cool cell phone, or 2 or 3. I had it programmed with all of my favorite songs and fun clips from movies and TV shows. I even had a specific ring tone for each person, something that reminded me of them. But, after the "way too many times to count" that I have dropped my cell phone(s) in water, on the pavement, in water, in the trash, let a 10 month old use it as a teether and oh, did I mention, drop it in the water? I am no longer allowed to have a cell phone that costs more that $10.00... so says Hubby. As the other Mommies proceed to compare ringtones, and fun phones I sit quietly praying that there isn't some type of explosive poop emergency on the home front that will prompt Hubby to call my cheap, large, old and outdated cell phone and out me as the Mommy with the cell phone that rings some type of Jimmy Buffet knock-off type beach melody.

Cell Phone Envy, I now know how guys feel in the locker room!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I'm a Blogger too!

Okay, so here it is my first "post". Maybe now I can see what all of the buzz is about. I've been reading various Blogs lately and thought to myself... that sounds like something that happened to me, maybe someone would be interested in reading my version of events. I also thought this would be a great way for friends and family to stay in touch with what's going on in our life. And by "our life" I mean the life of our Munchkin, let's face it, if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be home all day or have such strange happenings to report. So, for all of our friends and family.. Enjoy! - If you are some crazy sicko that has wandered into this page, please know that I will not be posting any pictures as long as this site is public, so if you are looking to get a cheap thrill by preying on an innocent child and a hot stay at home mom, you may want to check out myspace.