Saturday, December 30, 2006

Krazy for Krispy Kreme

Since Krispy Kreme had been on my mind for several days, Hubby and I decided this morning that we would pull ourselves together and take Munchkin out for her first taste of those, little, doughy, glazed pieces of heaven. I had a passing thought while getting the diaper bag ready, should I take a banana? Who did I really think I was kidding? A place full of sugar, sprinkles, cream stuffed, iced, glazed, lemon filled doughnuts and I thought my child might want her banana???? So much for any wishes of a balanced breakfast today.

For fear that she might explode from the sugar rush, I decided to start her out on just a plain cake doughnut, once she breezed through that one, I realized quickly that she was a natural, ready for the "Original". I pulled off a few bites of a glazed, laid it in front of her and it was on!!! It was like baby crack, she got this crazed look in her eye, and immediately started signing and saying "mo, mo, mo" and reaching for the box... The sugar had officially kicked in, and she was looking for her next hit. Mommy becomes the dealer. I continued to feed her addiction for a few more minutes, before finally cutting her off at 1 cake, and almost 1 glazed.

We ran some errands right after, and she was probably just about as cute as she's ever been, in her carseat just rambling on, saying nothing, but everything. So, if you ever need your child to have a little energy, may I suggest a Krispy Kreme?

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry "Rushmas"

Another holiday, another palooza around town. As I'm posting this, it is 11:15pm on Christmas Eve. We have 3 rounds of gatherings behind us, and with our Christmas to each other, my Aunts house, and Hubby's fathers all tomorrow, we still have 3 rounds to go.

There are brownies in the oven, a mashed potato casserole to make and thank goodness, Santa has already been down our chimney tonight.. Oops, to bad the brownies weren't ready. Oh well, there's always next year!

Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope Santa is good to you all!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hunger Strike Ends, Toddler Healthy

A Birmingham Toddler is healthy and strong today, despite her 9 day hunger strike. Sources say that the strike started when the Toddler was diagnosed last week with croup. Details aren't clear on why she chose to continue refusing all foods that did not resemble little, orange fish, but it is thought that she was upset over a misunderstanding involving the new TMX Elmo.

The Mother of the toddler was quoted as saying "She was always such a good eater, it was a shock when she turned down her pancake and banana several mornings in a row. I just kept telling myself, if she gets hungry enough, she will eat". Sources say that the Mother was diligent in her efforts to make sure the toddler had plenty of options available.

The hunger strike came to an end last night when the Toddler decided to accept the beans and rice offered to her at a local Mexican restaurant. The Toddler has refused to comment on her reasons for ending the strike, for fear it may compromise any future negotiations.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A Penis, On My Forehead?

This is the question I'm asking myself lately. It seems as if one has magically appeared on my head, and I didn't know it was there. Am I the only one who can't see it? Let me explain...

I was in a local bookstore yesterday looking for a Christmas gift for Hubby. I have the title and author of the book I'm wanting to purchase. The only help desk I see happens to also be the check out. Surly they don't expect me to stand in the check out line to ask a question. So, I see a lady that is opening boxes and stocking shelves. I stop to ask if she could point me in the right direction, and there it is. "The Look". She honestly looked at me like I had a penis on my forehead. You know this look, the one that is meant to say, "How would I know?", "You're bothering me, go away!" or
"What the Heck?" (You could also insert the "F-word" here, because I have family that reads, I'll keep it clean). "The Look" is then followed by a snide comment, "Ma'am, I wouldn't know, you will have to ask Customer Service". To which I replied, "I'm sorry, the nametag threw me, I thought you worked here...."

I do stand in line and get the info from another lady that wasn't really friendly either. They didn't have the book in stock which is fine, I hate giving my money to rude people!

This look also occurred the other night when Hubby and I ate dinner with some friends at a local Thai restaurant. Evidently it's not a "kid friendly" place at 8:00pm on a Saturday night. Even Hubby noticed "The look" when we walked into the place. Here we are, 4 adults, 2 highchairs, and the penis on my head... Get over yourselves people. Your part of town is not as cool as you think. I am very aware of how my child is behaving, and I'm probably more sensitive about her being disruptive than you are. So eat your sashimi, keep your "looks" to yourself and let me enjoy a night out with my friends.

So I beg of you, the next time you see me, if there is a protrusion coming from my forehead, please tell me. A girl really needs to know these things!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Zoolight Hell!

Now that we have Munchkin, we find ourselves participating in things that never sparked an interest in us before. Some things are obvious, storytime at the local library, playdates, inflatable jumping places, but we are now Members of our local Zoo. With this membership, we are able to visit the Christmas light extravaganza at no additional charge..... and it's a good thing. We really weren't impressed. At all!

Maybe as Munchkin gets a little older things will change, but this year it was much ado about nothing, in my opinion. We chose Saturday because the weather has been warmer, and coming off of our croup seclusion we thought it would be better than going when the weather changes, and it's 20 degrees outside. We pull in, and the place is packed!!!! I've never been so surprised to see so many locals supporting an event like this, it's not typically in our nature. After searching for what seemed like forever for a parking place, we were able to walk right up to the member window and get our tickets, talk about a perk. The lines for tickets were easily taking another 30-45 minutes. Once inside we realize that it's nothing more than when our parents took us driving through neighborhoods, looking at Christmas lights when we were little. Only this time, we had to walk and it smelled like a zoo!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Munchkin + Croup = Tired Mommy

It started Monday with a sound coming through the monitor that I had never heard before. It sounded like some animal had made it's way into Munchkins room and was barking into the speaker. After a few quick "barks" that kind of mimicked a seal, we hear the crying. Hubby and I rush up to Munchkins room and she was a sad site. Her fever was over 101, so I knew it wasn't teething, plus the weird cough. After a couple of hours swaying, rocking, bouncing, and cuddling her, we (I) gave up and settled in with her on the sofa, hoping she would go to sleep, and to my surprise she did. I then thought it would be a brilliant idea to move to our bed, very bad idea! Not only did she wake up as soon as I laid her down, we then woke Hubby. When it was apparent that Munchkin had no intention of making this easy for all of us, Hubby decided there was no point in all three of us missing our sleep, he moved to the sofa... Swaying, rocking, bouncing, I finally got her to sleep. Which is great except, I'm so aware of her every move that I find it difficult to catch some zzzz's of my own.

This is the first time that she has ever slept in our bed. This was just a habit that we never wanted to start, and don't plan on continuing. Desperate times, desperate measures... Never say never, Blah, Blah, I know!

A not so quick trip to our Pediatrician confirmed that the "seal-like barking" was indeed Croup. It just sounds like something that you don't want to get. A couple more sleepless nights on the sofa (Me and Munchkin this time), and we are finally through the worst of it.... I hope!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dear Santa,

I've been a good mom all year. I've fed, cleaned and cuddled my child on demand, visited the doctor's office more than my own doctor's, and sold sixty-two cases of candy bars to raise money to plant a shade tree on the school playground.
I was hoping you could spread my list out over several Christmases, since I had to write this letter with my daughters red
crayon, on the back of a receipt, in the laundry room between cycles, and who knows when I'll find anymore free time in the
next 18 years.

Here are my Christmas wishes:

I'd like a pair of legs that don't ache (in any color, except purple, which I already have) and arms that don't hurt or flap in the breeze; but are strong enough to pull my screaming child out of the candy aisle in the grocery store.

I'd also like a waist, since I lost mine somewhere in the seventh month of my pregnancy.

If you're hauling big ticket items this year, I'd like fingerprint resistant windows and a radio that only plays adult music;
television that doesn't broadcast any programs containing talking animals;

A refrigerator with a secret compartment behind the crisper where I can hide to talk on the phone.

On the practical side, I could use a talking doll that says, "Yes, Mommy" to boost my parental confidence,
along with child that won't talk back and three pairs of jeans that will zip all the way up without the use of power tools.

I could also use a recording of Tibetan monks chanting "Don't eat in the living room" and "Pick up your toys", because my voice seems to be just out of my childs hearing range and can only be heard by the dog.

If it's too late to find any of these products, I'd settle for enough time to brush my teeth and comb my hair in the same morning, or the luxury of eating food warmer than room temperature without it being served in a styrofoam container.

If you don't mind, I could also use a few Christmas miracles to brighten the holiday season. Would it be too much trouble to
declare ketchup a vegetable? It will clear my conscience immensely.

It would be helpful if you could coerce my child to help around the house without demanding payment as if she were the
boss of an organized crime family.

Well, Santa, the buzzer on the dryer is ringing and my daughter saw my feet under the laundry room door. I think she wants her crayon back.

Have a safe trip and remember to leave your wet boots by the door and come in to dry off so you don't catch cold.
Help yourself to cookies on the table but don't eat too many or leave crumbs on the carpet.

Yours Always,


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Oh, Snap!

What a slap in the face! And before you even ask, yes, things have been very slow around here. So I will report, Mr. Rodriquez has turned down the coaching job for UA....... Wow! Did anyone see that coming? Again, I must say, Can't they just leave well enough alone? Seems to me that the one that needs to be replaced is Mr. Mal Moore.

Coachless in Tuscaloosa, that should be the new headline for all of the media.

Went to a birthday party last night for our friends 3 year old little girl. They had it at one of those big inflatable, jumping places. What we learned.... Munchkin is not that adventurous, Hubby is still a big kid.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Does Yours Have A Name?

The time has come to give our "private parts" their own little nickname. I'm having a really hard time with all of the choices that there are these days. Seems like we always called ours, Tee-Tee or Pee-Pee... But, I feel this may cause some confusion since this is also something that you do. Munchkin seems to be a little distracted during bathtime now, trying to figure what all she has going on south of her "Bee-Bo" (belly button, in case you didn't know). I've been thinking about all of the names I hear...

Coopie, this one pairs with "Hangdown Coopie" for those of you looking for something different to call your sons willie...

And then I think, do we really have to make up some cutsy, little, code name because we are too embarrassed to call it what it is? VAGINA, there I said it! But, on the flip side of that, do I really want my Munchkin being the one in class saying, "boy's have a penis, and girls have a vagina! There, I said it again.

Oh, the decisions that come with motherhood! I guess as long as she keeps her "Hoo-Ha" covered, all is well.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Grocery Store Bagger, Dirty Drunk

It's only really happened twice since Munchkin has been around. And I must start this by saying, that I have been a pretty chilled out "Rookie-Mom". I've never really freaked out on anyone for wanting to get close to, or even touch her, but these guys completely crossed the line.

The first happened a month or so ago while getting groceries. At this store, they hire special needs people to help bag and walk you to your car. I've never really cared for the help to my car, I feel bad that they aren't allowed to accept tips, plus I'm a little quirky about putting my bags in the back. Anyway, one day after telling them I didn't need any help, this bagger proceeds to take my buggy while I was getting my receipt, Munchkin and all. I hurry to grab the cart and "help" him guide it through the parking lot and to my car. While I'm unlocking and opening the tailgate, he has taken Munchkin out of the buggy and that's when I freaked! I, believe it or not, calmly said Um, NO! And took her.... I thought about calling the store and complaining to the Manager, but I was really afraid that he would get fired. I let it go, and am very careful now to see who's bagging in which line, and I NEVER let go of the buggy.

The second incident happened just last night, Hubby and I took Munchkin up to a local Mexican restaurant. As we are eating, we notice this very drunk, and I mean stumbling drunk, guy walking around the restaurant. As Munchkin usually does to everyone in public, she looks up at him, smiles and says Hi! He then decided it would be alright to pat her on the head, only this time, Hubby was all over it. He grabbed the guys arm, as I was reaching for Munchkin. I'm sure this guy meant no harm, but this is how bad things happen...... Hubby spoke with the Manager on the way out, and confirmed that this guy did have a ride home. It's pretty insane to think about these people behind the wheel of a car.

It's obvious in these situations, but where do you draw the line? The little old lady in the mall, the server at your favorite restaurant. If it's hard for me to decide who's "OK" and who's not, how will ever teach her?

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sha, Sha, Sha, Shula!

What kind of obnoxious Auburn fan would I be if I let this pass, without so much as a post on my blog?

Let's see, where do I start? How about how funny I think it is that the "prestigious", "most coveted", so on, and, so on, coaching position in the country is vacant right now, and no one seems to want it!!! Come on now, did you really think that STEVE SPURRIER was coming to Tuscaloosa? Funny how every single Alabama fan I know, has had nothing but vile things to say about Spurrier, what an A$$ he is, and how much they hate him. Then, all of the sudden, there are reports that his wife is in T-town looking for property to purchase, and he's the new head coach for UA. Funny how the fans were excited about that possibility - Spurrier, ready to slip on those shoes and carry on the "Tradition" that was set by the good, Ole Bear Bryant. Shoes that seem impossible to fill, just ask the past coaches.... Dubose, Coach Fran, Price and now Shula.
Four coaches, seven years? Can't you leave well enough alone? Give someone a chance, don't just dispose of them because they can't turn your program around in the blink of an eye..... Where was Arkansas last year? I think they finished something like 4-7, Did Nutt lose his job? No, and this year they played for the SEC Title and got legitimate nods for the National Title. Instead of paying Shula the $61,000 per month for the next 5 years to do nothing, you could be spending that money to pay your players... just kidding. Bama would never do that!

I guess I shouldn't really care so much. The longer they go without a coach, the funnier I think it is. Sick, I know. But I will say this in closing,

So long Shula, I will truly miss my "eye-candy" on the sidelines. You actually made it tolerable to sit and watch a Bama game. Best wishes to you and your newest adventure, I heard that "Shula's" makes a great steak!

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Little, Pink, and Sassy

I finally did it! I broke down and bought myself a new cell phone. It helped that my service provider was running a special and I was due on the upgrade. So, here I have my cute, little Razr - It flips, it takes pictures, it has fun ringtones, whatever will I do with myself? And yes, I realize that EVERYONE has this phone, and if I wanted to be really cute and sassy, I would have bought the newest Pebl... It's really cute too, and it comes in orange. You don't see those around much yet, and I'm sure if I would have waited a little longer, I could have gotten a better deal than the $180.00 they are going for right now. But who cares, I got my Razr, it was $29.99 and I'm happy.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bad Mommy!

If there was an award for "Bad Mommy of the Week" I'm thinking I might be a front runner and it's only Tuesday! Not only have I driven off without Munchkin being buckled in, but now she is sporting a round, little bruise right in the center of her forehead. Compliments of our hardwood floors and Mommies lack of attention.

I'm not sure exactly how the whole thing happened, but what I do know is that she fell down atleast one step, and landed flat on her back at the bottom. I say one step because that's how many times I heard her head hit, just once (thank you Lord!) I had just picked her up off of the steps and set her on her feet to follow me into the kitchen for dinner. I walk through the kitchen door and hear a loud THUD! Followed by a horrific scream, you know the kind that actually goes silent?

What is wrong with me this week? I'm usually so attentive and careful. Is it possible to still have bouts of "Mommy Brain" a year after your child is born? Is this something that never goes away?

Guess I need to to start working on my acceptance speech... Maybe it will go something like this:

I'd like to thank, all of my readers that haven't yet called the authorities......

Monday, November 27, 2006

Buckle Up for Safety

My first really bad rookie mistake has happened.... I actually FORGOT to buckle Munchkin into her carseat before driving off. I know, it's shameful and I wouldn't even admit to this if I didn't know for a fact that a couple of you reading this have done the same thing... you know who you are!!

Since the weather has been so nice, Hubby and I decided to take Munchkin down to the park for a little while yesterday. I was so focused on making sure that her shoes were in the car from the previous day that I guess I just lost my brain for a few minutes. I got her shoes on, gave her Aubie and closed the door. We get down the road a little ways and stop for gas, please know that we live about 1 mile from the park, so to make excuses for my DHR calling behavior, we really hadn't driven that far. Hubby gets back in the car from pumping gas and looks back at Munchkin, who is leaning completely forward trying to get a toy that was on the floorboard and he calmly asks, is she buckled in? Of course! What kind of Mom wouldn't buckle her own child in the seat? Oh yeah! That would be me! Talk about a "walk of shame", having to get out, and buckle her in while Hubby just stares at me. I of course feel like everyone one around was watching, whispering, looking out of their windows at the "bad mommy".

Wow!! What a bad mistake, and the guilt is terrible. I know you can "what if" yourself to death, but so much could have happened. Thank you Lord! Needless to say, I will be checking it twice from now on!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Gobble Day

One down, two to go. Our Thanksgiving always tends to be a palooza of sorts. We have so much family and only so many nights that we literally have to start a couple of days before Thanksgiving day, and end up finishing on the Saturday after, at my Mother in Laws. It makes me think that it might be time to start a new tradition, everyone comes here. Dad's side, Mom's side, In law's, you name it, they all come to us..... just kidding!

It does make me think though, it seems each year that the crowd shrinks a little more than the year before. Everyone is growing up and getting married, having babies and starting their own family traditions, at what point, if ever, will this happen for us? I enjoy seeing all of our family, it's the only time of year that we get to see some of the distant cousins that have moved away. I also like spending time with "My Family" - Munchkin and Hubby.

For some reason it always gets so hectic that we sit down when it's all finished and wonder where the Holiday(s) went.... I guess when you are fortunate enough to have Grandparents, Great Grandparents for Munchkin, Parents, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles and Cousins around to share this with, you leave things alone. There is plenty of time to start traditions of our own, right now I will enjoy the ones that were created long before I was born, and try my best to carry them and pass them on to our children.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!! Love to you all!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Babe Bingo and My Friend Jack

Daniels that is. With another Mom's night out safely behind me, I am reminded that, although I can still drink like I used to, the recovery process just isn't the same! I woke up early, so proud that I didn't have a hangover from the previous nights activites, only to realize that I wasn't hung over because I was still drunk!!! That hasn't happened in quite awhile, and really shouldn't be happening now. I am way too old for this. Just because I can break away for fun with the girls every now and then, I still have to think/drink responsibly, because it's always right back into the "Mommy Role" as soon as Munchkin wakes up, luckily she's a late sleeper.

I had never played "Babe Bingo" before, it's a game that one of the local radio stations puts on at a local bar. I don't think I had ever even played the regular version. This is definatly NOT your Grandmothers bingo. Example:

B - Manicure
I - Douche
N - Tampon
G - G- String
O - KY Jelly

I don't know about you, but my Grandma would most likely be mortified if she heard that (assuming she knew what all of it meant) I could just hear my very southern sounding Grandmother saying... Well, I never!

Well, a few games of bingo, a few rounds of Jack and a crappy T-shirt later, I was home safe, sound and reaking of smoke. Ahhh. another successful Mom's Night Out!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Crying Over Spilled Milk

For days I had been trying to figure out what the unpleasent smell was coming from somewhere in my car. With the weather being cooler, it was unpleasent but not unbearable. I looked around for misplaced sippy cups or any diapers that may have been missed when gathering things from our daily excursions, but found nothing out of the ordinary.

Munchkin and I lived like hermits for a couple of days and didn't leave the house one time. We got a bit of a break in the cold weather and it warmed back up into the 70's. It was time to venture out of the house and that's when it hit me! I opened my car door and was nearly knocked down by this horrid, vomit inducing aroma. So, I knew that a full on inspection was in order. I pulled the stroller out, all of the toys, and went digging under the seats and there it was, wedged between the cd case, covered by the umbrella, hiding under my passenger side seat - The sippy cup that Munchkin had so frivolously disposed of on a whim when it was no longer needed. The sippy cup that at one time contained the proper form of milk rather than it's counterpart, cottage cheese.

Well, atleast I found the culpit, remove the sippy, roll down the windows, open the sunroof, smell be gone...... Wrong, if only it were that easy. You see, the "Non-Drip" sippy cups that I have spent a small fortune on, had failed me. There was obviously a leak. The worst part was trying to locate the spot. Once I did that, without throwing up my lunch, I saturated the area with Resolve, waited 5 minutes and scrubbed. Again, roll down the windows, open the sunroof, smell be gone...... Wrong! Repeat.... Wrong!

It has now been almost 2 weeks and the smell is still there. My poor Mother, not wanting to hurt my feelings, says "I don't smell anything, really!" My sister a couple of days later, says "I think you are going to have to get that professionally cleaned" As I'm writing this post, I'm letting some new cleaner do it's magic... Keep your fingers crossed that this will work, or I may be forced to sell this sour smelling, milk machine on wheels. Won't Hubby be thrilled at my request?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Picture Perfect

We were a little late as usual with Munchkin's pictures, but we finally got her one year session done yesterday. I think they are going to turn out really good. We had them taken at a nearby park and the weather couldn't have been better. In fact, it was so warm I had to switch Munchkin's wardrobe from what I planned for her to wear. I know Hubby is glad this "photos every three months" faze is over. But even he will admit, after the arms and legs we had to forfeit for this photographer, it was worth every penny.

We actually managed to stay scratch, bump, mark and bruise-free for the pictures, for the most part anyway. She had such a runny nose leading up to the pictures that her little nose was kind of red. Have you ever noticed how kids have an uncanny ability to practically bust their heads open and poke out their eye-balls right before it's time for pictures? I think Munchkin has had some kind of something every single time. Blood shot eye, scratches, bruises, full body rash (that one we had to re-schedule). Oh well, I guess that just goes with the memories of the pictures.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Nasty Little Tree Rats

Since we have moved into our new home, we have been amazed at the amount of squirrels that live in our trees. They are everywhere! They completely disgust me and they get into everything. The latest problem is, they are chewing through our phone, cable and internet lines. I've been calling the cable company for 2 weeks complaining to them about my cable reception, that our HD channels aren't working, our movie channels come and go and believe it or not, this time they weren't to blame. The Cable Guy ( can you actually say that without thinking of Jim Carey?) was here yesterday and said, "Ma'am, you have a serious problem with squirrels". They replaced our lines and got our cable working again. The thing I had a hard time living without though, was my email. I communicate a lot through email now and it's crazy how accustomed I am to having it. Not that being without all of the 600 and something channels on our cable wasn't a challenge, I know it's really sad what we've gotten used to. What? No Oprah in HD are you kidding, you expect me to watch it in regular old TV?

Now, to the task at hand. How to rid ourselves of these pesky creatures? This may sound terrible, but I kind of wish they would bite through the power line and zap themselves... I've been told to get traps and catch them. We have a small army of these little things, hauling them off in a cage one by one will take forever. I've been told pepper flakes, not enough in the city to cover everything. Oil of peppermint, alka selzter, kill them with kindness and feed them more bird seed so they will be so full they won't want to eat the lines.... I think my favorite so far, BB Gun!!! Let's just hope I don't shoot a neighbor!

Don't worry, I'm not going to actually shoot them, my dad will ;o)

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm A Sexy Mama!

So, you know the song by the Pussycat Dolls, Loosen up my buttons? Well, my friend has that song play when you call her cell phone, so instead of hearing the rings, you get to actually listen to some tunes while you wait for her to answer... Anyway, yesterday I called to check in with her and see about our Halloween plans and that song stuck in my head. I'm walking... okay strutting around the kitchen singing that song when I realize that I still have a truck load of candy that I need to unload before the Trick or Treaters arrive. I go out to the garage and I'm hauling in all of those big bags of candy, the jumbo bags from Costco, still singing about being a "sexy mama", when I go flipping up the stairs towards the not sexy. Candy goes flying, I scrape my elbow and knees, say a few bad words under my breath and try my best to pick myself up and regain my dignity. Thank goodness I was alone, (although the first thing I did was look around to see who saw me), Munchkin was napping, not that she would pass judgement anyway, she would have thought it was funny. Still, embarassing.

For those of you who don't know, I'm one of the most clumsy people you will ever meet. I have literally just fallen out of my high heels before, doing nothing, just standing, not even moving. It's like my feet and legs hate me and decide to remind me every now and then that I'm not as "sexy" as I might think, kind of a humbling experience, everytime it happens. So, I've decided that Hubby need not leave his shoes on the stairs anymore, it's dangerous, I could have be killed! What if I would have been carrying Munchkin? Okay, really, I didn't trip on his shoes, I'm just trying to figure out a way not to look like such an idiot!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Trick Or Treating

Do you like my "mumpkin"? Also known as the lazy mom's idea of pumpkin carving - I actually just forgot about carving them, when I remembered on Sunday, we were already committed to something else, and let's face it, it's just plain messy. Luckily Munchkin is still too little to enjoy that anyway. I'll do better next year!

This has to be one of my favorite holidays, one that I have not really been able to participate in for a really long time -- sure we've been to parties, dressed up and made idiots out of ourselves for several years, but nothing compares to going out and getting free candy for doing nothing!!! How great is that? Now that we have Munchkin, we can use her to get the free candy! This year we have decided not to dress up, we just couldn't think of anything original or different. Munchkin is going to be Princess Leia - incredibly funny! I'll send everyone individual pics later. Hope everyone has a happy, safe, and spooky Halloween!!!

Side Bar: The "Church People" showed back up at the house last night a little after 7:00 and right during dinner. I made Hubby send them away since I was in my jammies and wasn't wearing a bra.... So Rude!

Monday, October 30, 2006

So Much To Do, So Little Time

Things have been really busy around here lately - I apologize to my faithful readers for letting you down. While so much has been happening it seems like nothing has been "blog worthy".

We did attend church on Sunday and can pretty much rule out visiting at that church again. Not that it was bad persay, it just wasn't good. Hubby and I both had a really hard time concentrating on the sermon which was about giving back to God, we both kind of felt like it was a sermon asking everyone to give money to the church, which we would if it were our home or we felt moved to do so, it just didn't seem real and heartfelt. If you need money to paint stripes in the parking lot, just say so. Don't try to sugar coat it. So, after church we head off to lunch and then home.... Home, the place in which one of the "Church People" had already come by, can you believe it? 1 hour after the service and someone was already knocking on our door? I know this is bad but, I'm glad we weren't home, we are trying our best to find a church that fits us and that we fit into and we need to do that without the pressure of the "Church People" knocking down our door.

I'm also beginning to wonder, do they get some kind of bonus points for getting us to attend Sunday School? That's all everyone asked us, thanks for coming, did you go to class or "just" the service? As if the service wasn't good enough or enough for our sinful souls as is.....

So, I guess next Sunday we will start over and see if a different church/denomination will suit us a little better.

On the Munchkin front, she is cutting 4 new teeth and no longer crawling. I would say that she is walking, but it's more like a bunch of steps, fall, stand up, a bunch of steps, fall, stand up, and so on.... exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. You should see me padding all of the hard surfaces so that when she falls face first into something hard we don't knock out all of those pretty new teeth....

Monday, October 23, 2006

Here Comes The Bride....

Congratulations are in order for my "baby" sister - not such a baby, she just turned 27 last week. Anyway, her boyfriend of several years popped the question last week and she of course accepted. The ring is beautiful, and she is as happy as a clam. As are we! Now, let the planning begin. I can't wait to help with this project. You see, when Hubby and I were married over 12 years ago, we didn't really know what we were doing. So in a sick kind of, very supportive way, I get to help plan the "wedding I wish I would have had".

I really am excited for her and my soon to be Brother In Law. We just have to figure out a way for Pops (aka The Bank) to come off the dime and share the wealth - it is after all his baby girl (this was not a card I could use, being the oldest). After doing a little research to present to Dear Old Dad, I have come to find that he got off really cheap with my wedding. Did you know that the average wedding these days is pushing $30,000???? Time to start that wedding fund for Munchkin, can you imagine by the time she turns marrying age?

Anyway, I can't wait to lend a helping hand and nothing will make me more proud than to assist my baby sister in getting the wedding of her dreams - even if we do have to tag team Daddy Dearest.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Autism by Injection?

One of my jobs as a "Rookie Mom" is to worry, excessively, about everything. My newest in the long, long list is that I just allowed the Dr. to inject my child with a vaccination that some people think may be a link to the cause of Autism. I have done hours of research, and while the world wide web is full of information, you can find anything you want to support either side of the argument. I talked at great length with the Dr. and a nurse about 3 months ago, after watching an episode of Oprah in which the parents of an Autistic child swore it was caused by the vaccine. The Dr. assured me that the information received in all of his studies convinced him that there was no link between the two and that in countries where the MMR vaccine is not given, the Autism rate is not any higher than in the US. Many people believe in this so called link, because the age in which you begin to notice the signs of Autism happens to coincide with the age in which the vaccine is normally given. (or vice versa?)

I was given the option to defer the shot until 15 months, worry then, worry now. Can you really NOT give her the vaccination that she needs because of your own paranoia? But, shouldn't we do everything in our power to protect our children? This has been a toughie for us, probably the toughest so far. I just can't help but wonder, did we make the right decision or the decision that was easy because that's what "everyone" else does.... All we can do now is pray that our beautiful, HEALTHY, baby remains just that.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

May I Have A "Pee" Please?

What is it about taking off a diaper that makes a child want to pee? I'm getting Munchkin ready for her bath tonight and because she is so anxious to get in the tub, she follows me into the bathroom while I'm checking the water and practically throws herself over the edge. So, instead of taking her back to her room to strip her down and get her ready, I undress her in the bathroom and let her play until I get things situated. I go to pick her up and feel something wet seeping through my sock, as if a wet sock isn't bad enough, Munchkin had pee'd the floor and it was oozing through the grout on the tile like a little maze.... Thanks! Now, I have water running, a wet sock, pee on the floor and a naked baby. (Sounds like the beginning of a joke, don't ya think?)

What to do first? Yell for help. Hubby is downstairs and can't hear me b/c during bathtime we like to listen to music, which happens to be rather loud since it's coming from another room and the water is running. So as Munchkin goes to sit and "play" in her own pee, I scoop her up, plop her in the tub, grab some toilet paper a dab away. Hubby does eventually make it upstairs to check on us and finishes the cleaning with some good ol' clorox clean up while I finish bathtime. Ahh, teamwork!

Thank goodness we didn't have any "floaters" tonight too! More excitement than I need on a Sunday evening!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tylenol, Advil, Nyquil, Oh My!

You would think that alternating between all of those medicines that one would make me feel better, or atleast just knock me out. I woke up yesterday with the worst headache I think I have ever had in my life (hangovers not included). Nothing, I mean nothing helped. I've never been one to get migraines, so I really had nothing to compare this too, but God love you, if you are one that suffers from this horrible condition, I feel for you.

Hubby went to work and I was left to figure out how to deal with a 1 year old when I could hardly lift my head off of the pillow.... that sounds kind of snotty, I told hubby to go, that I would be ok. I managed to get her up, changed and downstairs for breakfast. I knew that if I could just make it to nap time, I would be good. Now, it's funny how your sense of parenting changes when you are at your weakest. We have always tried to keep Munchkin from watching lots of TV, but yesterday, I couldn't have been happier to see that stupid, over-sized, purple, dinosaur dancing around on my television. He bought me a whole 30 minutes of peace, not quiet, but just not having to act like I was excited to hear the "cow say moo" for the 1000th time!

I must take this time to thank everyone that bought my child a toy that makes lots of noise!! The drum set with the tambourine and maraca, the talking chair, Noahs very loud ark! Any other day, these are great toys and very much appreciated, just not yesterday. Anyway, we made it to nap time. Hubby came home for lunch and decided to call in some back up - I'm not sure if it was becuase I hadn't showered in two days or the yougurt I had all over my shirt from Munchkin licking my shoulder after breakfast, or maybe even the milk she spilled in my hair as I lay on the floor (dying). My Mom was here in less than an hour. You have no idea how many times she has helped us out lately.. Thanks Mom! Today is much better, the pounding in my head is gone and the upside to this whole being sick thing... I've lost 3 pounds! Do I smell a new diet craze!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I Heart John Mayer

I do love him, this is no surprise to Hubby. He is fully aware of my obsession with all things John Mayer. I even started getting Munchkin hooked on him. While I was pregnant, I would turn on the Ipod and put the ear phones on my belly for her to hear. To this day his music has a calming affect on her... don't laugh, it really does!

I wake up Sunday morning (the day of Munchkin's B'day party) feeling like someone has used me as punching bag. My ribs, chest, back and neck were so sore. I take some tylenol and push through it. By the end of the day, when everyone is gone, I'm running a fever of 101. My first thought....... I can't be getting sick, we have tickets to the John Mayer/Sheryl Crow concert on Monday night....have to be well. I wake up Monday feeling about the same. Hubby dopes me up on Nyquil and proceeds to harass a Dr. that he plays poker with to see if he can work me in... I go to the Dr. and he takes blood (lots of blood) does chest x-rays, and tells me that I have inflammation in my lungs, and what appears to be a viral infection.... Okay, but can I still go to the concert? At this point, I really don't care what anyone says, I've seen him every time he has been in Birmingham and I am not missing this one. Besides, I can sit here or I can sit there. So, we go and he does not disappoint. He did songs from the new album (which rocks) and songs from the older albums (which also rock). My mind wanders during the show........

Sheryl Crow has great arms - bad hair.

What's with the skinny jeans and high heels? Not a good look.

How many times can she switch guitars? Answer: almost every single song.

I bet John Mayer has rough hands from playing the guitar so much.

I like the way he moves his hips.

Are John Mayer and Sheryl Crow "doing it"? All that baby making music going on and nothing going on back stage?

If they are, I hate her!

John needs a hair cut.

Who is he singing about?

How can I get him to sing about me?

Stop thinking, you're happily married.

I heart Hubby too! and Hubby likes John Mayer. It's such great "mood music" how could he not?

Thursday, October 05, 2006

One Year Ago, Right Now!

One year ago, right now, I was walking around the house with a towel between my legs, cussing myself for not having packed my bag for the hospital and thanking the Lord that I was too tired to make that stop by Target on my way home from work -(clean up on Alsie 5, how embarrassing would that have been?) Hubby was on his way home from the weekly poker game, that I so rudley interrupted, by calling to tell him that my water broke.

Munchkin had called a meeting! She was ready to make her debut, or so we thought. As we rushed to the hospital and got hooked up to the drugs (ahh, the drugs!!) We waited, and waited...... and waited. It was 13 hours of the family sitting there, staring at me, as if to say "aren't you going to do something?" when she finally decided to make her grand entrance. What a night, I really do remember it, just like it was yesterday. I can't believe my "baby" is turning one tomorrow.

What happened to this year?

Do they all go by this fast?

One thing that I promised myself when Munchkin was born, was that I was going to enjoy every second of her, and I have held to that. I have been careful to enjoy every stage that she was going through, never wanting to rush on to the next. Not the easiest thing to do, but I must say that I have done well. I'm so thankful for every day with this sweet little blessing, we are truly blessed to have such a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

Must go cry....

Monday, October 02, 2006

Sweet Caroline

Do you know this song? It has been stuck in my head since we woke up yesterday. Maybe it's because we have been visiting in South Carolina, maybe it's because I miss hearing the way the drunk people sing it at a piano bar. I can't tell you the last time I actually heard this song. Probably when I was the "drunk people" singing it at a piano bar - I swear, I have never heard this on the radio, and then as we are pulling into Birmingham last night from our trip - It's on the shuffle station on the satellite radio - How bizarre?

Our trip was great, Munchkin was such a trooper. We met our friends from Virginia for the Auburn game and took the kido's to their first Auburn game. They did fantastic, slept through most of it. I think all of the people around us wanted to eat them up, they were so cute dressed in their AU gear... What a game, heart attack anyone? Can't handle too much more of that. They really need to get it together...

Highlights from the trip:

Munchkin and Lil' Pimp shared their first kiss at the AU game.
Still don't know what a "she-crab" is.
Hubby and I lost in a game of Spades - it was a come from very far behind win for "Agent B. and BFF"
Hate it when Hubby goes a hundred low - too much pressure on me!! (this is how we lost the game)
Alligators are very scary and lived in the water behind our condo in Charleston - babies could have been eaten!
Lil' Pimp started walking this weekend! So exciting...
BFF spat on me (sorry, this is an inside joke. Definitely a highlight)
Got some quality "Mommy Time" with BFF by the pool, while Hubby and Agent B. sat with babies.
Munchkin still hates the pool.

Anyway, I could write a separate post on each of these highlights. A great time was had by all. Must give this trip 2 thumbs up..

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Big Pimpin' In The Minivan

No offense to anyone that actually drives a minivan - but I've just got to say, the cool factor goes way down.... Sorry! It just does. We are off to watch our Tigers take on the South Carolina Gamecocks, and we'll be tailgating in a minivan. We decided to rent a car since we are meeting some friends with a baby and thought it would be nice if we didn't have to take 2 cars everywhere we went. After going round and round with the rental car companies ( I must have called 10) getting a full size SUV (you know, the kind of vehicle that cool soccer moms drive :o)) was just proving to be difficult - availability, price, Customer Service people that weren't stupid, yada-yada... Anyway, we picked up our gem today from the airport and I will say this, you can pack a lot of stuff into one of these boogers. Who knows maybe after driving/riding in one all weekend I'll change my mind.... Yeah right!

Off we go - flags flying (again, not so cool in a minivan) magnets are on and we are ready!! War Eagle!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bye-Bye Bottle

I'm not sure if it's the not being able to breathe through her nose right now or that at the ripe old age of "almost one" she has become" Little Miss Independant". As of this week, Munchkin has been refusing her bottle and going only for the sippy. Which is something that Dr. told me to start doing at her last check-up. We have been taking them away one at a time and down to only her night time bottle. Honestly I think it meant more to me than it did her. It's sad really, a sappy first time Mom trying to keep her baby a baby for just a little while longer. That night time bottle was one of my favorite times of day. She would just cuddle up in my arms, hold my hand, pat my cheek and start drifting off into neverland, It was also one of the only times in the day that she actually wanted to be held and not on the loose, crawling around allover, socking you in the face anytime that freedom was threatened.

Maybe some type of support group is in order here, I know I'm not the only one, I have friends that also delayed taking this bottle away.

So, as I am forced to come up with a new bedtime routine, I am thankful that she still wants to sit in my lap, look at the pictures as I read and listen to me sing to her, only, with both hands firmly on the sippy as if to say "Mom, I'm not a baby anymore"

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Booger Sucker Sucks

Well, the booger sucker actually does work. But, I don't have the heart to continue using it. This poor child gets so distraught at the site of the thing now that she actually has what I would consider to be a slight panic attack.. Maybe it was the pokes in the eye that finally did her in. How can I in good conscience subject this sweet, innocent, little baby to this awful, green, little monster anymore? So, I sit here thinking, what else I can do to rectify this slimey situation... Is there a trick that I as a new Mom am not aware of? Must find feather.

On a side note. We went to a Birthday Party today for a friend who's little girl is two weeks older than Munchkin. Didn't open gifts at the party, I'm thinking this might not be a bad idea. It just drags the party out, she's too little to understand what's going on anyway. Will friends and family get their feelings hurt if their gift is not opened? Will give this more thought.....

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Our Little Snot Monster

Poor little Munchkin is a little under the weather these days. Something that she no doubt picked up from the germ infested playroom at the Y. (yes, I have actually been working out!) For the past three days she has been quite the snot monster, thick green mucus is everywhere. How do you make a child this age "blow" her nose? It's kind of a waiting game, eventually so much snot builds up that she starts blowing bubbles and then it's a little easier to get. I've spent alot of time recently trying to figure out how to get this snot out of her nose, a booger sucker? tickle her nose with a feather until she sneezes? There must be a way....wiping her nose has become another chore that I don't like and wish I didn't have to do. Holding her down and trying to wipe is not fun for either of us. Only, if I don't she's going to look like one of those redneck baby's you see in Walmart with the crusty nose and grocery store feet.

I just keep wondering how much snot could possibly be left in that little head? I think she is in for a rude awakening, after this afternoon nap, I'm seeking out the booger sucker in hopes that it will be my saving grace.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Uh-Oh or No-No

How do you explain to an 11 month old the difference in an Uh-Oh or a No-No? I've tried explaining to her that a "premeditated" Uh-Oh is most likely a No-No, she of course looked at me like I was crazy for thinking she actually knew what "premeditated" meant... I would have to say this is the most commonly used word in her vocabulary right now. For the most part it's really cute, when she actually uses it correctly, accidentally dropping her cheerios on the floor or when she knocks something over, or when it's a "Mama Uh-Oh" like when I dropped the bag of groceries on my foot and almost taught her a bad word! The problem with this new found word is that sometimes I think that she just likes to say it, so she makes up reasons... like flinging her sippy cup at passers by while on a stroll through the neighborhood, surely they will think it's cute if followed by that cute little word, right? She also likes to taunt me by hanging a pancake over the edge of the highchair and calling out Uh-Oh!, just seconds before letting go, maybe I'm a bad Mom but I usually just pick it up, hand it back, and try to explain No-No, she laughs.

What a little sponge she is right now - soaking up everything we say and do.

Note to self: Must stop using bad words

Monday, September 18, 2006

Ranting, Not Rambling

So this is going to come off more like a rant than just my usual ramblings, but please tell me I'm not alone in thinking that this is absolutely absurd... We are preparing to take Munchkin to her first real Auburn football game, on the road against South Carolina. We are meeting some friends from Virginia that have a little boy, 3 months older than Munchkin. While we are searching the web for tickets, we come across some stadium information saying that EVERYONE must have a ticket to enter the game -regardless of age!!!!! Are you kidding me? She can't even sit in the seat... She's 11 months old people! how can this be? She can get into the zoo for free, she can even fly free until she's two... What the heck? So thinking that this is some stupid SC rule, I call the ticket office for Jordan Hare, knowing that their policy is going to be more "family friendly" and the lady tells me the same thing. I quickly bite my tongue, gather my words and ask politely why this is? Evidently it has something to do with the Fire Marshall and everyone having a ticket is the only way to monitor how many "bodies" they have in the stadium. While I'm still not happy about this news, atleast I can respect the fact that it's a safety issue rather than the University trying to squeeze us out of extra money....Decisions, Decisions, do you have any idea how much this little change of plans is going to cost? And the more we win the worse it gets ( not that I don't want us to win) but good grief, $125.00 for a seat that won't be used is a little hard to grasp.

Gas to and from South Carolina - $150.00
Tickets to the game - $375.00
Seeing Munchkin at her first AU game - PRICELESS!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Life List

I've been hearing a lot lately about making a "Life List". Apparently there was a young girl killed in the attacks of 9/11 whose life list was just found by her parents and has been circulating in papers, talkshows and over the internet for the past couple of weeks. It got me thinking, what would I like to accomplish in my life - Here's my list, so far....

1. Always be respectful of others, be kind, and honest
2. Raise our children to be respectful, kind, and honest
3. Never rush Munchkin (or any siblings) on to the next "milestone" - Enjoy every second of every stage she is going through
4. Learn photography
5. Rent an RV and travel cross-country, see peculiar things along the way (like in the movie Elizabethtown)
6. Find and buy the perfect pair of jeans, even if they cost $200.00
7. Travel to Germany
8. Travel to Italy
9. Travel to Australia
10. Learn to speak atleast 1 more language
11. Watch Auburn play in every SEC stadium
12. Be the best Wife, Mother, Friend and Person that I can possibly be
13. Have a house on the beach
14. Learn how to eat healthy and actually do it
15. Exercise because it's good for me, not just to lose weight

I hope that as I cross things off of this list I will think of new goals and challenges to add.

What's on your list?

Monday, September 11, 2006

Eyes Wide Shut

I believe I have mastered the art of sleeping with my eyes open. The last week has been quite a tiring and patience-trying week. We had a sort of "paintapalooza" happening around here. Finally getting Munchkin a room that is "girly" instead of the blue, painted over boarder style she has been living in for the last 3 months. The painters were here all week arriving at 7:30 and not leaving until 6:00 or 6:30.... Because this "palooza" was happening in the upstairs, Munchkin and I were forced to spend lots of "quality time" in the downstairs, meaning she was napping and spending the nights in her pack-n-play in our room, leaving me to be sleep deprived and very behind on the laundry. I can't get in my room to get the laundry for fear of waking up a "don't make a sound, it took me an hour to get her to sleep" baby. Not wanting to look like a lazy, bon-bon eating, soap watching, stay at home mom, I felt the need to "look" busy to the painters.... why do I really care? No offense, but they don't speak english and were probably talking about me behind my back anyway. So, after the first couple of days where I cleaned the windows, dusted the blinds (every slat), dusted the furniture, cleaned the baseboards, vacuumed, and cleaned the kitchen 3 times, I finally decided to sit, and then it happened, a little while later I woke up to find that about 15 minutes had passed and I felt like I had a power nap, only I never closed my eyes. I was still aware of the painters going up and down the stairs, I was still telling Munchkin, "don't put that in your mouth", "don't climb on that", "No, No"... and to anyone looking in, I probably looked like I was staring off in a daze. Now don't get me wrong, nothing beats lying down and giving into the fight of not being able to hold your eyes open anymore kind of nap, but I highly recommend you give this a try. It just might get you through another day!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Holy Poop Batbaby!

Well, it finally happened.... Munchkin pooped on Hubby. While he has had some near misses, this is what I would consider a full-fledged attack.

Another Monday for us, nothing out of the ordinary. Munchkin and I are hanging out playing with the "gang" Aubie, Elmo, Cat, Julep and various other stuffed animals that have been collected over her lifetime. Hubby went out to get chicken biscuits in a kind of celebration for being off work on a Monday and having hopes that we could sit down and eat breakfast as a family unit. Munchkin and I are practicing walking (not me, her) when Hubby returns and opens his arms for a big ol' daddy kind of hug. He picks her up, swings her around, turns her upside down and oops! some poop comes loose! Evidently in our strides around the living room Munchkin had done some business. While I consider myself lucky to not have had this experience happen many times, I've heard the stories of the explosive diapers, the ones that shoot across rooms, maybe even blinding innocent bystanders that happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Our worst "run" in came when Munchkin was only a few days old and I tried Huggies for the first time. She was in her swing, I was doing something productive I'm sure, probably sleeping. When I go to get her out she is sitting in poop, I swear up to her armpits... As a new mom, I had no idea where to even start in the efforts to clean this used to be perfectly clean, baby- smelling, baby. Can I just return this one and start over? This is not what I signed up for..... Anyway, I managed and somehow we've been lucky enough to get through 11 months without another incident, that was until yesterday....

So, I'm standing in the kitchen, making Munchkin her pancake when Hubby starts shouting that he was covered in poop - yes he was. Now what makes this even funnier is that Hubby is also known lovingly by friends and family as a "Germ-a-phobe" and for some reason @*IT just seems to follow him, he can't get away from it. (I'll let him tell you the stories sometime.) Up the stairs we go to start what looks like a tag team situation. Now, as a Mom I won't say that you ever get used to poop but, you sure can handle it with precision. Outside of the few fingernails I've had to sacrifice for being dumb enough to stick a finger in one leg of the diaper to "check" for poop and being surprised by YEP! poop, I've gotten pretty good at being able to do this without getting it all over her, me, the curtains or the changing table. I send Hubby away, assuring him that it's better this way. After all, one mess is enough. If left unattended Munchkin and Hubby would have had to battle it out, who would cover whom with the most poop. This was definatly a job for Momma! After a shower and wardrode change, Hubby meets us back in the kitchen to have our much anticipated "Family Breakfast." And he thought staying home all day was full of fun and laughter....

Friday, September 01, 2006

Weegle, Weegle...

War Damn Eagle!! That's right folks, it's that time of year again! The feeling is in the air, it's a feeling that you can't explain, but for the true of heart you know what I'm talking about..... Auburn Football!!! It's something that we wait for all year, the anticipation kills us, and to pacify ourselves we are forced to watched re-runs on ESPN classics just to get by. We are about 31 hours until kickoff. Our Auburn gear is washed and ready for wear, the menu is planned and the errands are run, because when the pregame show starts tomorrow night, I don't want anything standing in my way of watching every second and soaking in everything the announcers have to say about the talent of this Auburn Team!!!

Munchkin will even be sporting her own cheerleading outfit and has been trained in the off season. So, come game time she can throw her hands above her head when we yell "Touchdown Auburn"!!!!! Nothing will make us more proud!

So, suck it up Bama fans and fear the thumb, we will make it 5 in a row! - This year there is no unnecessary "hype" surrounding the team that used to be...

It's all Auburn!!!

It's about time!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Peer Pressure, At My Age?

How is it possible that I have been out of school for 13 years, married for 12, and a Mom for almost 1 and I still feel the need to cave into peer pressure? Who sets these standards anyway? Do I set standards for others without even knowing it? You see, we just moved into a new neighborhood where people tend to be more active than I'm used to. Sure, I love taking Munchkin for a stroll around the neighborhood, (when it's not 100 degrees outside) When we first moved, we would wait for Hubby to get home and go on a walk, and that's when I noticed that there was something different going on around here..... As I watched other family's stroll past, and looked in the yards as we walked by, I noticed that all of the strollers were the same, the cute little 3-wheel jogging strollers, the ones for the serious walker/jogger. And there we were, with our big, old, chunky, stroller with 4 wheels. I'm clearly out of the loop here. So, as we park our stroller in the garage and head inside, I realize that I can never go walking around this neighborhood again until I can look like the "Other Mommies" How stupid is this? At my age, I should really be past this, right? For weeks now, Munchkin and I have watched from the kitchen window at breakfast time, as the neighbors stroll by, Mommies with babies, whole families, and even the occasional Dad with baby. So, I did it, I finally went out and purchased a "suitable" stroller! And I couldn't just by the most boring one they had... No, I got the one with the Ipod connector so that Munchkin and I can listen to our favorite music (currently a compilation of songs about "bananas", "chickens", and "raindrops"), and for her, the hook-on steering wheel with working horn and engine sounds...... Not only are we going to fit in, but maybe WE will set the new standard around this neighborhood for 3-wheel strollers. Now, technically it's not a "jogging" stroller, but who am I kidding. I don't run unless someone is chasing me!!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Is Three The New Two?

As Munchkins one year mark is quickly approaching, deliberations have begun. Would we like to add another Munchkin into the mix? Our minds change daily, sometimes even hourly. On one hand we have this beautiful, smart, healthy baby girl who is the absolute light of our lives right now. We are enjoying every second that we have to spend with her. Do we really want to mess that up? On the other hand, wouldn't it be nice for her to have a sibling to play with and grow up with, maybe even a sister to share everything with? Having a sister myself, I know that I want Munchkin to experience that bond. The bond that I appreciate now more than I did growing up - trying to kill her and tell her that I wasn't really her sister, and that I would soon be leaving to go back to my real family...... Isn't that mean? Don't judge me, if you are reading this and you are the oldest, you've done the same thing, or worse!! Anyway, there are so many questions we have to answer on this subject, how far apart in age do we want them to be?, what is the closest?, when do we start trying?, do we stop at two? Many family's now have three children like it's no big deal. After dinner with friends last night that have three under the age of three, believe me, it's a big deal. It was great to talk to someone that would actually tell us the hard truth and all of the gorey details about life with a trio. Although they are glad for their three and love them dearly, they did suggest maybe spreading them out in age a little more. Having time to spend with each of the children one-on-one is something they aren't able to indulge in as much as they would like. "Clams" if you are reading this - you're incredible and I admire you.

So, what have I solved here this morning typing this blog, listening to Munchkin giggle herself to sleep in the next room? Having two would mean twice as many of those giggles, twice as many precious moments to treasure and there is no way to make a decision on three until you have two! Stay Tuned.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Munchkin 5, Sippy Cups 1

FIVE being the number of sippy cups we have "tested" in order to find the perfect ONE. It's not like the Munchkin isn't smart, because she is what I would consider to be borderline brilliant. (of course I am a first time Mom) But, I was beginning to think that she was "Sippy Cup Challenged". It turns out that she just couldn't quite grasp the concept of tipping the cup backwards instead of her entire head. I can't tell you how many times she nearly knocked herself out, flipping backwards onto the hardwood. So, after a long and extensive search for "The One", we have decided on the kind with the straw. Did you ever know there were so many to choose from? Some with handles, some without, ones with cartoons, grippys to hold onto, no drip, straws, ones with lots of pieces to clean (which of course is the one that we have!), the possibilities are endless. After drinking from this cup for about 3 days, I have finally made the investment of 10 more..... Tomorrows Blog will read:

"Munchkin Refuses New Sippy Cup" I told you she was smart!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Cell Phone Envy

They're cute, little, flippy, colorful, and make fun noises..... I'm talking about the cell phones that all of my Mommy friends have and I long for. After a much needed night out with the girls (Manis and Pedis, followed by dinner at a Japenese Steakhouse) I'm thinking that it is about time for me to upgrade.

As we are sitting at the restaurant watching the cook flirt shamelessly with one of the Mommies, and chit chatting about things that we Mommies talk about when no one else is around - Husbands, Sex, Desperate Housewives (not us, the show!) periods, pregnancy, saggy boobs and so on..... I hear a ringtone - "Promiscuous Girl", by Nelly Furtado and then I hear another, "It's Goin' Down", by Yung Joc. I realize that I really miss the days when I had a cool cell phone, or 2 or 3. I had it programmed with all of my favorite songs and fun clips from movies and TV shows. I even had a specific ring tone for each person, something that reminded me of them. But, after the "way too many times to count" that I have dropped my cell phone(s) in water, on the pavement, in water, in the trash, let a 10 month old use it as a teether and oh, did I mention, drop it in the water? I am no longer allowed to have a cell phone that costs more that $10.00... so says Hubby. As the other Mommies proceed to compare ringtones, and fun phones I sit quietly praying that there isn't some type of explosive poop emergency on the home front that will prompt Hubby to call my cheap, large, old and outdated cell phone and out me as the Mommy with the cell phone that rings some type of Jimmy Buffet knock-off type beach melody.

Cell Phone Envy, I now know how guys feel in the locker room!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I'm a Blogger too!

Okay, so here it is my first "post". Maybe now I can see what all of the buzz is about. I've been reading various Blogs lately and thought to myself... that sounds like something that happened to me, maybe someone would be interested in reading my version of events. I also thought this would be a great way for friends and family to stay in touch with what's going on in our life. And by "our life" I mean the life of our Munchkin, let's face it, if it wasn't for her I wouldn't be home all day or have such strange happenings to report. So, for all of our friends and family.. Enjoy! - If you are some crazy sicko that has wandered into this page, please know that I will not be posting any pictures as long as this site is public, so if you are looking to get a cheap thrill by preying on an innocent child and a hot stay at home mom, you may want to check out myspace.